The common choice of Bardez and Mingguang Cody! New factory construction "good partner" to bring intelligent experience!

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In the 14th Five-Year Plan recently released by the state, clear requirements have been put forward for the development of digitalization and intelligence. It can also be seen that in the next five years, intelligence and digitalization will be the key development direction.

The common choice of Bardez and Mingguang Cody! New factory construction

According to the paint purchasing network, in the 14th Five-Year Plan recently released by the state, clear requirements have been put forward for digital and intelligent development. It can also be seen that in the next five years, intelligent and digital will be the key development direction. The progress of digital transformation in different industries in China is not uniform. The Internet, telecommunications and media information industries have a high level of digitalization, while enterprises in automobiles, electric power, machinery, oil and gas, and chemical industries are concentrated in traditional industries, which are at the starting point of the outbreak of digital transformation and the key point of enterprise transformation and development. In the wave of digitization and intelligence in all walks of life, many paint companies have become more and more urgent for intelligence. In the just-concluded 25th China International Coatings Exhibition, many equipment companies have also demonstrated their own"Muscles".


At this exhibition, Guangdong jinbaoli chemical technology equipment co., ltd. (hereinafter referred to"Jinbaoli") showed you a number of sets of intelligent production equipment, and introduced in detail the importance of intelligence for the development of coating enterprises, and how coating enterprises do a good job of intelligence.

According to the relevant person in charge of Jinbaoli,In the production process, Jinbaoli quotedKNIFESystem management technology to get throughPLC(DCS)-MES-ERPInformation channels to realize the informationization of the production process and the company's management process and to reduce pollution and labor intensity by taking the transportation and control of solid and liquid raw materials and the automatic control and information management of the production process as the entry point in the production process.

At the exhibition site, Jinbaoli technicians introduced in detail the importance and necessity of intelligence for the development of coating enterprises through the practical application effects of intelligence in coating enterprises such as Bardez and Mingguang Cody.

For example, the solution of Guangdong Bards Chemical Co., Ltd. According to the person in charge of Jinbaoli: Jinbaoli uses Lycra scanner to provide on-site laser scanning.--high precision modeling---The later development and application carried out the whole intelligent human-computer interaction, which closely met the needs of industrial operation and provided convenience for the later development of Jinbaoli. Based on the visual model and information of the actual state of the plant, the simulation of plant maintenance and safety scenarios is realized.

In the intelligent design project of Mingguang Cody Materials Co., Ltd., Jin Baoli learned The traditional two-dimensional design of Mingguang Cody New Materials Co., Ltd. cannot complete pipeline collision detection and generate accurate material lists. At the same time, the two-dimensional drawings issued by the design institute cannot guide on-site construction and pipeline prefabrication. In view of these problems, Jinbaoli proposed to use three-dimensional drawing software to optimize the drawings and carry out collision inspection, generate a list of materials to guide the construction, generate automatic interruption of the pipeline to generate welding spot information, prefabricated pipe welding in the factory. Finally, the effective estimation of the materials required by the overall project is realized, and the control of materials in the construction process is guided, which reduces the waste of materials, avoids rework procedures and improves the construction quality.

Intelligence and digitalization are the development trend of the coating industry in the future, and it is also a new topic that many equipment companies need to study. How to promote the intelligent and digital development of the coating industry is also the focus of continuous attention of many coating companies and equipment companies. under this general trend,In the future, Jinbaoli will continue to strengthen the design and implementation capabilities of intelligent system solutions, and will integrate and adjust equipment manufacturing links to improve product quality and production efficiency. In the new year, we will increase our efforts to invest in the research and development of new intelligent processes and new equipment, make contributions to the promotion of intelligent manufacturing in the industry, and give back to the society with better products and better product quality!