Focus on chemical equipment manufacturing for 20 years

One. Vision:
Become a benchmark service provider for fine chemical smart factories.
II. Mission:
Change the manufacturing state for the industry, create value for shareholders and obtain value, and realize self-worth for employees.
Three. Values:
Dare to innovate, take the initiative, advocate service, overall awareness!
dare to innovate
-- update, change, create, integrate.
Innovation Purpose: Encourage all innovations to achieve internal and external customer value.
Diversification of innovation perspectives: product innovation, service innovation, business model innovation and management innovation.
Innovative personnel full staff: top, middle, employees, customers & suppliers.
The idea of innovation: not falling twice on the same problem, encouraging change.
Take the initiative-Advocate subjective initiative, act actively, do not prevaricate, resolutely implement and dare to be responsible!
Advocating service
Advocating service
-- To customers:
Put the concept of "bringing happiness to customers and reducing pain" in the first place!
All actions that can bring positive value to customers are prioritized!
With a comprehensive system of professional, to provide customers with pre-sale, sale, after-sales service (especially in the sale of services).
Customer satisfaction is our eternal pursuit!
Advocating service-- To colleagues:
Do not refuse, focus on listening, based on professional, quick response, results feedback, exceed expectations.
Methods are always more difficult than difficulties. If you do what you say, do it best!
global consciousness-- Fair, clean, all subject to the overall interests of the company (the most in line with the interests of the company)!
Four. Idea:
People-oriented, customer first, craftsman spirit, simple and efficient, meritocracy, cooperation and win-win.

People-oriented (business philosophy): integrity management, sharing, cooperation and win-win.
Customer first (customer philosophy): service to create value, professional win trust, customer satisfaction is an important indicator of our project success.
Craftsman spirit (quality concept): manufacturing products with dignity, providing valuable services, casting high-quality projects, and creating craftsman brands.
Simple and efficient (management concept): the rule of law is the main, the rule of man is the auxiliary, stimulate the initiative, the complexity is simple, the pursuit of practical results.
Appointment of people on their merits (the concept of employing people): accepting all rivers, only using talents, only using morality, not sticking to one pattern, being able to go up and down.
Win-win cooperation (team concept): open and inclusive, seeking common ground while reserving differences, harmonious cooperation, happy work!

Perfect service system

Harmony, cooperation, joint efforts, happy work

Corporate Vision

Staff training system

Continuous learning, continuous improvement

Corporate Vision

Outstanding Staff Awards

Company leaders award for outstanding employees

Corporate Vision

Guangzhou International Coatings Exhibition

2014 Guangzhou International Coatings Exhibition